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Non-partisan | Not anti - government | Not a hospital or clinic | Not a business venture
an independent body The fallen medical system in Nigeria has caused the death of many innocent individuals. Surprisingly, many have been led to their early graves due to the negligence of medical practitioners. Many deaths are due to medical errors as well as wrong diagnosis. It's so unfortunate that Mrs. Busola Odedina, a wife, mother, and most importantly, a rare gem, lost her life due to substandard medical practices.
Sunny Odedina, Kunle Odedina, and Omotola Odedina are all active in the quest for the remodelling of the fallen standards in health services in Nigeria. Although they expressed their grief over the loss of their beloved mother, they don't want the same fate to befall millions of innocent Nigerians.
It is based on these occurrences that the members of the Odedina family put the welfare of millions of Nigerians at heart. According to Mr. Soji Odedina, the father of these amazing children and the husband to late Mrs. Busola Odedina `` The reason for this website is to afford Nigerians the opportunity that my wife never had; the opportunity of second-guessing the Nigerian medical system.`` This led to the development of the eHealth website that provides quality healthcare services through the online web application. Asides from the fact that the website is filled with articles written by qualified medical practitioners, measures have been put in place for people to connect with over fifty Doctors across five continents.
trust NTA News Published on 25 Oct 2016

Open Heart Surgery by Nigerian Hospital

Nigerians have been spending millions of dollars on medical treatment due to inadequate health infrastructure in the country especially when it comes to heart related diseases.
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What We Do

We are a non-governmental organisation seeking to improve the healthcare system in Nigeria. We have put in place several measures to see that our vision becomes a reality.

Health Information

Community Enlightenment

Resource for medical staff and their patients

Medical professional’s directory

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How We Do It

One of our most significant steps so far is the incorporation of the Ask a Doctor section that brings quality healthcare service to millions of Nigerians. We have over 50 medical practitioners across the globe, ready to provide timely answers to health-related questions posted on the site.
Also, the Forum section exposes readers to people’s experiences and how they scaled through. Finally, the Blog section is filled with top-notch contents that will inform readers on Health-related matters.

By providing this platform for all Nigerians to get medical assistance

Ask question about medical concerns or issues

Our Volunteer medical professionals will respond with advise

Share your stories to help others

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Support The Initiative

For the growth and development of the project, we implore you to be an active member of the platform. In addition, donations are very much appreciated.

By volunteering as an advisor

By sharing your story

By donating

By spreading the word

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Our Needs

In other to make this project a success, we need you to be registered on the platform. Besides this, it is crucial to be active by sharing your stories and experiences.

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Our Aim

We are an independent body which aims to:

Provide a forum for Nigerians to obtain and appraise a second opinion on any medical condition.
Provide a forum for Nigerians to share their medical experiences (whether good or bad) to help others.
Point Nigerians to the right quarters where necessary to receive medical treatments.
Assist the government by sharing views of Nigerians as well as glaring problems.
Create pages on some common ailments and how to manage them.
Assist Nigerians in accessing national and international health checks.
Invite qualified doctors to provide information on preventative care as well as different approaches to treatments.
Call out hospitals with several malpractices.
Work for improved regulation and more stringent code of conduct for Nigerian medical practitioners.

Heart Health

We care about how your heart works, and how it changes with age and activities.

Mental Health

We care about your emotional, psychological and social well being.


Everything you need to know about healthy pregnancy is right here!

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Get all the recommended vaccinations before travelling abroad!

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