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Our Story

Busola Odedina


Rita Marley, late wife of the Reggae Legend, Bob Marley made the popular saying – Who Feels It Knows it all – which became more prominent when she released an LP few months after the death of the legend. What is particularly instructive in her use of the aphorism is when she twisted it to suit her lyrics. she said – if you feel it, you will know it. I feel it and I know it – That exactly explains how I have felt in this last one year since Busola’s passing.

Since that morning on Sunday, March 4, feeling it and knowing, has been a part of my daily life experiences.

The previous night Saturday March 3, I had alerted my daughter that we were going to the hospital to bring Mummy home. I told her to get ready early so we could be back early.

I had other plans for the Sunday: election into my University Alumni Association was to take place that day. A new Chairman was to take over from me after leading the Association in Lagos for about 14 years. I had so much to look forward to after my wife of 23 years would have been brought back home.

We were on our way to the Hospital when the Doctor called to tell me that he didn’t like what he was seeing, there were complications he said. he said he needed me in the Hospital urgently. To be honest, death was the last thing on my mind.

The rest they say is history!

To die is not really a problem, since we all as mortals have signed up for it as a part of the living experience.

What is most painful however is avoidable death.

And Nigeria is replete with deaths that are avoidable to the point where the country is almost like a coffin of human carcass.

Since my wife passed on that fateful Sunday, I have been inundated with tales of needless deaths of Nigerians from our dysfunctional health management system which manifests itself in different forms from the following.

  • Carelessness of our care givers
  • Inadequate experience of Medical Personnel
  • Badly run health institutions
  • Lack of information on the part of patients as to their ailments

No nation can be truly great when its citizens lack basic healthcare system. As a matter of fact, the development of a nation is measured by a global tool known as the human development index (HDI) which is a statistic composite index of life expectancy, education, health and per capita income indicators. This tool is used to rank countries into four tiers of human development. Calculation of the index combines four major indicators:

  • Life Expectancy for Health
  • Expected Years of Schooling
  • Mean Years of Schooling for Education
  • Gross National Income per capita for standard of living

Every year the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) ranks countries based on the HDI statistics released in its annual report. For the 2018 report as released freshly, Nigeria is ranked 157th out of 187 countries of the world so ranked. For a giant of Africa claims, this is an abysmal performance.

It is the reason Busola didn’t survive a mere routine procedure. it borders on quality of our medical personnel and the advancement in modern health care delivery system they have been exposed to.

Having come to this conclusion, we as Nigerians have two options, either to accept the current state of affairs and throw up our hands despondently, or to do something about the situation. The family of Busola Odedina have decided to do something in our own little way to advance the care platform. This is what Busola would have wanted, we are convinced she is applauding us wherever she is right now.

This platform, the “eHealth Nigerian” is designed to offer the opportunity of second guessing our healthcare system in such a way that we can help to save lives in the long run.

This was what Busola didn’t have!

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