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Kunle Odedina

Sigh, it’s been one year. Losing my mom is the hardest thing I have ever had to face, but God has been kind after my mom’s demise so far. He has blessed my family with good people and great things around us. I couldn’t be more grateful.

It was hard celebrating holidays and special days, because I had not yet come to understand the term that my mom was no longer with us, entering 2019 especially was the toughest for me. It would be the first year we did not enter as a complete family.

My mom was the happiest person I ever knew, and she is going to miss so many happy moments of our nurturing lives.

What usually runs through my mind the most was how avoidable the whole situation could have been if she had gotten the treatment that she deserved.

This type of situation was what prompted the existence of this platform. To give people a second chance, or more appropriately, second opinions on their health from local and international experts around the world.  We all know that the Nigerian health care system is not the most reliable. This is our own little way to improve the system and save lives.

Sunny Odedina

Dear Lord, you probably know why I’m here, why we all are here. Can I speak with her? Thank you. Hi mom. It’s been a year now. Everything moving so fast. Everyone seems to be moving forward, fast. How’s the view from up there. I’m sorry, I thought at first that I’d have a lot to say. I don’t really know what to say. You didn’t have to die. But what could I have done yeah? Before I go let me say this; ever since we buried our mom, I was eager to find who was to blame for her demise. It is tragic that she had to die for us to realize now that we should do better. But you can’t change the past, can you? So, I say instead of designating blame we should ask my mom Mrs. Odedina Busola, (God rest her soul), for forgiveness, and we also forgive her for leaving us too soon. And that we ask God too for his forgiveness and mercy and grace so we can do better. May her soul rest in perfect peace amen.

Joba Odedina

Hmm….my mom was the best person ever.

She always did her part as a mother, never failed her responsibility as a good Mother.

She was always there for me and the family.

No matter how tired she was she would always find the strength to make sure everything and everyone was OK, she was hardworking and a very strong woman.

I miss her so much,

I was really open to her,

And she always believed in me.

She was very God fearing and a strong prayer warrior.

She always considered people in her actions and was kind to everybody.

She was always smiling and cheerful, never showed any sign of discomfort, even if she had any issues, she would not show it, that’s one thing about her. I still can’t really imagine she is gone, and it’s been one year. My aim is to make her proud in anything thing I do, make sure every action I take would make her proud. She really raised us well, taught us to be children with good morals. Because of her we have all turned out to be God fearing and God loving, what an extra ordinary person she was! *Thank you, mother. *

Omotola Odedina

Losing my mom has been the greatest loss of my life, but in time I realised that the world is not all cupcakes and butterflies. It is hard to lose someone who was so dear to me. My mom was not just my mom she was my teacher, friend, helper and so much more. People say if someone you love leaves you will forget the person in time, but I will never forget you mom. You were everything to me you were my shadow and will continue to be as I am your reflection.

We all love you mom… and we shall continue to…

Kunle Odedina's speech at the launching of the website

Mr. Odedina's speech at the launching of the website

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